Formation Lessons – All

Wanting more resources? Included are the booklets:

Formation Processes and How to Initiate A VMY Group.

Additional formation lessons using the themes from the first part of the booklet Formation Processes were incorporated to guide your members in learning about themselves, faith, the Vincentian family and their love for Mary. These formation lessons include all levels – Elementary, Middle, and High School/Young Adult Members. It may all seem overwhelming, but use the resources that will help you and be enjoyed by your members.

VMY formation processes ENG


Formation #1 I am a Human Person

Formation #2 Made in God’s Image

Formation #3 Free

Formation #4 The Reality of Young People

Formation #5 Together with Others

Formation #6rev Alone is Good but in Community is Better

Formation #7 Community Has a First and Last Name

Formation #8 We Rely on You


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