Every VMY USA group is different – size, location and energy! Yet, the members love for Mary and Vincentian charism is deep and is what connects us. To differentiate us from a youth group, the Vincentian Marian Youth’s four elements – Spirituality, Formation, Apostolate and Community are exemplified in the meetings.

  • Marian Spirituality – It is always good to start and end with a prayer, have special intentions to those in need, as well as dedicate our devotion to Mary.
  • Formation – This is an opportunity to talk of our purpose and to form our values as Vincentians through Apostolic reflection. If the youth doesn’t have an opportunity to reflect and share their thoughts, it just becomes a youth service group.
  • Vincentian Apostolate – Through activities and service, our formation as Vincentians continue. Service includes helping within the school and parish, as well as in the community. We serve those in need in a Vincentian manner.
  • Community – Supporting, listening and acting together instead of alone, is a great way to be and work together. Snacks and the sharing of food is always a great treat as well!

Here are more resources:

VMY History Booklet-2

VMY Resources and Music

Activities and Service

Importantly, please have your members sign and submit the Media Release Form. This is especially important if photos will be posted on Facebook or used in brochures/flyers.

VMY and DOC Photo Release 2021.docx

On upcoming blogs you will see more ideas on formation and activities. Please use it as a tool to work with your members. Some of the lessons are very detailed, so please read, modify and implement it for your group. The following blogs have been divided into Elementary School Members, Middle School Members, High School/Young Adult Members and All Members. If you see that your group might enjoy a certain activity, but from another age or group level, just adapt it to them! Have fun and continue to share your enthusiasm for VMY with your members!

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