A Vincentian Marian Youth member, who is at least fourteen years or older and has participated in VMY for a period of time may prepare for and make their Consecration to Jesus Christ with Mary. It can also be referred to as Consecration or Marian Consecration.

The Marian Consecration is a way of living out and committing to their baptismal promises. It is also a way to make their life a gift to God through service and evangelization of the poor, having the Blessed Virgin Mary as a role model, and St. Vincent de Paul as an inspiration and example in charity to the poor.

For a VMY member to choose and decide to make their Marian Consecration is a call, an act of grace, an action of God that touches and transforms one’s innermost self. At the heart of Consecration exists a deep desire to listen to the Word, meditate on it, share it with others and put it into action.

To help us remember the Formula for the Act of Consecration,“We go with D-FLO!”


We DISCOVER Jesus with Mary, to use our minds to know Him.

We FOLLOW Jesus with Mary, to employ our will to choose Him.

We LOVE Jesus with Mary, to activate our hearts to adore Him.

We OFFER and give ourselves to Jesus with Mary to serve Him in others, especially the poor.

Furthermore, the need for adequate formation is important. Allow time for the members to learn about themselves, Christian life, Mary’s role in God’s plan, Vincentian charism and the Association of the Vincentian Marian Youth.

Included in this blog is the Marian Consecration Presentation. The Marian Consecration Presentation is divided into 4 Presentations:

Live Our Baptismal Commitment, My Personal Plan for Life, Evaluation of Our Journey within the Association, Renew Your Consecration

The 1st and 2nd presentations: Live Our Baptismal Commitment, My Personal Plan for Life, is what we will be focusing on. Those sections will focus on deepening of our understanding of Marian Consecration and using examples of Mary’s yes/commitment to looking at our yes in our life plan.

The 3rd and 4th presentations: Evaluation of Our Journey within the Association, Renew Your Consecration will further deepen our understanding of consecration, as well as do a self-evaluation of our relationships to God, Mary, and the Vincentian Founders. A renewal of our lifelong commitment will also be covered.

The following is the website from VMY International on the Marian Consecration:

Please give each member a copy of the Marian Consecration Presentation to read, reflect and discuss the questions as a group. Lessons #1-7 has been created as a resource to go along with the Marian Consecration Presentation. Lessons #1-7 are from The 1st and 2nd presentations: Live Our Baptismal Commitment and My Personal Plan for Life.

The Marian Consecration Presentations

Consecration #1 Introduction to Marian Consecration (pages 2-6)

Consecration #2 Annunciation (pages 6-7)

Consecration #3 The Visitation (pages 7-8)

Consecration #4 Wedding at Cana (pages 8-11)

Consecration #5 My Plan For Life – A Life Event (pages 12 – 14)

Consecration #6 Reflect on the Word of God & Resolution Seeing God in My Life (pages 14 – 17)

Consecration #7R Preparation for Marian Consecration (

Please give the members a special journal at the beginning of their preparation for Consecration to allow them to quietly reflect and write their thoughts. As the members prepare for the Marian Consecration, delve into the meaning of the official Vincentian Marian Youth consecration prayer so that during the celebration of Consecration the members will recite the prayer with much understanding and meaning.

Consecration is a faith response that becomes a plan of life. It is our “YES” to Christ’s invitation to follow Him. And as Leaders, we walk with our members through this spiritual life journey.

During the Vincentian Formation Day, these are the ideas the VMY Adult Leaders came up with to supplement the Lessons:

Introduction to Marian Consecration ideas.jpg

The Anunciation ideas.jpg

The Annunciation ideas 2.jpg

The Visitation ideas.jpg

The Wedding at Cana ideas.jpg

Seeing God in My Life ideas.jpg

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