Apostolic Reflection

After a Vincentian service activity has been has been completed with the VMY members, take the time for Apostolic Refection. Apostolic Reflection is another example of what makes VMY unique from other youth groups. The term comes from the apostles returning from a missionary trip, reflecting with Jesus on what happened, and what was the meaning of it. Apostolic Reflection is reflecting together on our service, finding God there, and creating Vincentian community by sharing our thoughts. Apostolic Reflection for Vincentians is a free, deliberate, conscious willingness to share our lives, our experiences, our spirituality, and our relationship with God. (https://www.svdpusa.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=YsFnj8yvrKA%3D&tabid=323&portalid=1&mid=1239&forcedownload=true)

In Apostolic Reflection, we identify that “God is here” in all the events of our lives, and especially in the persons and situations of the poor and vulnerable. St. Vincent believed that for Vincentians, God is found first and foremost in the person who is poor. God’s needs and wants are revealed to us in the needs and situations of persons in poverty. We take time in Apostolic Reflection to ponder what God is revealing to us in and through them. It is also a time when we reflect of when we met Jesus in the day or when we met Him through others (poor, sick, homeless, needy). Thereafter, we reflect on how He spoke to us. Sometimes He speaks to us to remind us that we just need to do a little bit better.

As we guide the VMY members through Apostolic Reflection here are some questions to ask:

  • Have I always honored other people?
  • Have I always respected the poor?
  • How did I meet Christ in the poor or in another person? Give an example.
  • Where is God in the Vincentian service activity that has been completed?
  • How would God act? What does God have to say to us about it?
  • How do I discover Jesus Christ when I help the poor or anyone in need?
  • Have we changed by those with whom we helped and served?  In what way?  What is God telling me through these persons?
  • How has Jesus revealed himself to me?
  • What are some Vincentian values that I recognize?

In addition, members may:

  • Tell a story about a time when you saw someone else help someone in need.
  • Give an example of when you discovered Jesus.
  • Think about a time where you met Jesus that day.

For further resources on Apostolic Reflections, I have included a copy of:

Apostolic Reflection and Seeing the Rivers of Life

Apostolic Reflection and Rivers of Life




Prezi on Apostolic Reflection by Paola Guzman:


Included is a graphic organizer you may use with the VMY members:

Apostolic Reflection Graphic Organizer



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