Welcome Vincentian Marian Youth USA Leaders!

It is with much enthusiasm and energy that VMY USA has now gone into the internet world on Facebook and WordPress. You can like us on Facebook at Vincentian Marian Youth USA and find us on WordPress at vincentianmarianyouth.usa.wordpress.com

Please utilize this site as you walk with the youth through their spiritual and life journey. In addition, this will not only open communication amongst the various VMY USA groups throughout the United States, but will be an opportunity to share the activities we do with our members as well. If there are any suggestions, questions, comments, etc., contact the National Office of VMY USA at vmynational@gmail.com

Blogs will be posted as a resource for lesson plans on Formation and Consecration to use with your group. It is separated by Elementary, Middle, High School/Young Adult, and All Members. If you see an activity in another level and your members would find interesting, adapt it, use it and have fun with it!

Check the blog for more resources and ideas. Let’s continue to share our ideas and feedback. Have a great year!

For more information on the Vincentian Marian Youth USA Statutes, please review the following document:

1. USA approved Dec 2015


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